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"I have always had a problem with very dry skin and was amazed with the results that I got from these products. The body wash cleaned my skin without drying it out and the lotion made my skin smooth and silky all day long. I have also found that there are no irritants in any of these products like I have found with other brands including Bath And Body Works (National Chain) so called sensitive skin products. I highly recommend these products for not only their quality but for the care in which they are made."

Jessica M. Kandal, Norfolk, Virginia

"I have severe hand eczema and it is very painful and itchy every day. This lotion not only smells great,but it it nice and creamy and soaks in like a dream! My skin does not flair up at all like it does with many other lotions and prescription medicines. My 5 year old daughter who has body eczema, absolutely loves it as well. She is highly sensitive to even the most skin sensitive products. I am not buying my skin products from anywhere else. I mean really, it would be a waste of money!"

L. From Maine

"My mother has eczema and psoriasis, and every lotion she has tried has only made it worse. I got her a small bottle of this lotion to try. She absolutely loves it! Her skin problems have *seemed* to just disappear! I was very impressed. I bought a bottle of lotion for myself, and tried it on a few mosquito bites...let me tell you, those bites stopped itching right away! I definitely recommend this lotion for anyone!"

K. From Idaho

"I swear by this lotion! It's absolutely wonderful! I have used a lot of lotions, and I'll never go back! The scents are wonderful! The lip balm is delicious and feels very good!"

R. From Washington

"This is fantastic lotion. It smells wonderful and feels SO good! I loved that it wasn't too thick but managed to feel very moisturizing. The real reason I wanted to share is because my stretch marks, after only 2 weeks, are actually fading!!! I've had these buggers through 3 pregnancies and they have never even changed after #1."

B. From Oregon

"I have used a lot of different moisturizers, both over the counter and prescription. None has worked as good as Aspenwood!"

C. From Massachussetts

"I just got a sample of Aspenwood Hand and Body Lotion in the mail, and this stuff is just *WONDERFUL*. It smells terrific, and feels even better! My daughter likes it, too. (I'm going to have to hide this bottle!) It has cured my cracked hands in just a short time. I bet it'd work wonders on a baby with dry skin or diaper rash!"

D. From Oregon

"I really liked the way my skin felt after applying the lotion."

B. From Missouri

"I have very sensitive skin and did not have any problems with the product breaking my skin out in an allergic form. This is a nice lotion to suggest for anyone who has sensitive skin."

T. From Texas

"Aspenwood lotion is absolutely WONDERFUL!"

M. From Texas

"The lotion is light and refreshing on the skin. It is not greasy, and absorbs quickly. This is by far, my favorite lotion."

R. From Idaho

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